Friday, February 8, 2019

How to connect and operate Color Changing LED light kit for your Floating Fountain

How to connect and operate Color Changing LED light kit for your Floating Fountain!!

Color changing LED's are becoming very popular. They are fun to operate, low power consumption  and the cost of the light kits are coming down so it is much more reasonably priced.

Basic color changing LED's are the simple automatic RGB lights, plug it in and it slowly changes from red, then into green then into blue. Those are the basic cheaper lights. Now you can get the more fancy color changing lights with a controller and remote and usually it makes available color changing LED 7 solid colors including white and then a few, fast or slow automatic color changing modes. Still kind of simple patterns.

Our new color changing LED lighting can be used for a lake aerator, floating pond fountain and also landscape lighting. Our lights are large stainless steel 12 watt completely sealed lights (no chance for water leakage) that can connect up to 50 LED's in a daisy chain for a landscape project or our 2, 3 and 4 light kits used for your floating aerator or pond fountain. Cable lengths are available from 75' up to 200'.

The most amazing part of these new lights are the fun color changing options:

8 Solid Colors
8 Holiday Themes including Red, White and Blue
38 Sports Team Color Combinations

All of the color changing options are a slow fade into the next color so you can view the brightness of each color. The DMX512 color controller can operate manually or with a remote controller with a distance range of up to 150'.

Please visit our Youtube "How to video" for instructions on connecting and operating our new color changing light kits!!

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