Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to replace an impeller on a pond fountain asynchronous pump - Part 3

How to replace an impeller on an asynchronous pump!

Part 3 - Putting the new impeller back in the pump

When replacing or cleaning an impeller, carefully follow these steps:

Tools needed: Wire cutter, Philips screw driver, scouring pad, petroleum jelly, 2 zip ties

Step 1:When reinstalling the impeller, line up the pins, large on top, smaller pin on bottom. Slide the impeller in the cavity.

Step 2: Once impeller is in place, put the o-ring on.

Step 3: Use a small amount of lubricant like petroleum jelly along the inside of the impeller cover. Push the impeller cover back in the ten o'clock position, then turn clockwise until it locks in place.

Step 4: Put all 4 screws back in, DO NOT over tighten. Now put the filter cage on the pump.

Step 5: Now afix the zip ties to the pump. Enter the first zip tie from the left side of the filter. Then cross over the front of the filter cage and enter into the right side.

Step 6: Attach second zip tie to the first one and wrap around the back of the handle, then thru the handle and meet up with the first zip tie.

Step 7: Pull the zip ties tight, and cut off excess. Now your pond fountain pump is ready to connect to the float and go back in the water!!

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