Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pond Fountains

What is the difference between a pond fountain and an aerating fountain?

A pond fountain and a decorative aerator are both floating units that float on the surface of the pond or lake but are anchored out there with cement blocks so that it is stationary. A pond fountain is a decorative floating unit that uses a high volume waterfall pump with an impeller. Generally the spray heights are higher than an aerator and this type of fountain is less expensive than an aerator. Although these units will aerate your pond, it moves less water than an aerating fountain.

A decorative display aerator is also a floating unit that uses a motor with a propeller. It moves a large volume of water compared to a fountain. It can handle dirty water environments, introduces a lot of oxygen into the water and retards the grow of algae and weeds. Great for lakes or pond with fish and algae problems.

Solar or Battery Pumps

Solar or Battery fountain and pond pumps are low voltage pumps. However, often customers will order the low voltage ac pumps, assuming they will work with solar panels or battery connection. That will not work. If you are looking for a pump that will work with a solar panel or a battery, you will need a low voltage dc pump. The low voltage ac pumps must connect to an ac transformer that plugs into a regular household electrical outlet.

The little battery operated pumps are great for science projects, company parties and weddings. For outdoor fountains or small ponds, where absolutely no electricity is available, the larger solar pumps work great with solar panels.

The low voltage ac pumps work great in outdoor applications also because you can run long lengths of low voltage cord without an amp drop, similar to low voltage lighting.