Friday, May 11, 2012

Fountain pumps

Most of the phone calls we receive are customers that need help sizing a fountain pump.

When choosing a pump for your fountain there are two terms that you will see when looking for your pump. GPH (gallons per hour) and "lift" or "head". For a fountain the GPH is not an issue, that is a guide used for ponds. The lift or head is what you will need to know. How far does the water in your fountain have to travel from where the pump will sit in your fountain to the top of the fountain where the water comes out. You will need a pump that lifts higher than that measurement. If that distance is 24", than you will need a pump that lifts at least 36" high. The "maximum lift" means that is the maximum height that the pump will lift the water. So you will get "0" flow at the maximum lift.

Here is a helpful guide:

Fountains that are 2" - 14" tall ( choose a pump that has a max lift of 24")

Fountains that are 14" - 24" tall ( choose a pump that has a max lift of 36")

Fountains that are 24" - 36" tall ( choose a pump that has a max lift of 42" - 48")

Pond and Lake Aerators

Without the use of a pond aerator your pond will become stagnant and smelly not to mention the algae buildup and the stress your fish will go through.
Oxygen enters the pond by diffusing into the water from the atmosphere. Submerged aquatic plants also produce oxygen during the day, But this is not enough, especially in the hot summer months when the water is warmer. Decomposing fish waste and algae along with the normal respiration of aquatic life, use up the oxygen faster than it can diffuse back into the water.
Your Pond requires aeration 24 hour a day. The warmer the water is, the less oxygen it can hold and you could loose your fish overnight.

In areas where there are harsh winters, use a floating pond or lake aerator in addition to Pond Deicer that keeps a small area from freezing. This open area allows the naturally occurring gasses to escape and adds oxygen to the water. Dormant fish still need oxygen under the ice.
So, if your fish are at the surface of the water and look like they are gasping for air, they probably are. Add a floating fountain pond aerator and keep your pond clean.
A floating lake aerator provides the perfect solution for improving water quality in Koi ponds, water gardens and lakes. It adds oxygen at the bottom of your lake or pond important for algae control.

Solar Pumps

So many water gardeners are looking for a good quality, reliable solar pump system for outdoor fountains or ponds. For the most part all that is available is the cheap, poorly made solar pumps that just don't work well. We have put together a great system, a good quality pump, voltage regulator and solar panel that will keep your pump running during the day. Just looking at these pumps you can see how well they are made.

With so many people focusing on green living and solar power, we are very excited to make the product available to the public. It is the perfect combination of green living. The sun powering your fountain or pond, supplying a great environment for birds and beautifying your garden.