Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Floating Christmas Trees for your Pond!!

Floating Christmas Tree

Now your pond, lake or pool can be the focal point this Christmas!
These newly innovated Floating Christmas Trees are lighted entirely with LED lighting.
This illuminated Christmas Tree will become the centerpiece of your decorations.
This Christmas tree is very easy to assemble and folds down flat for easy storage.
Available in multi (red, green, blue, white)! Perfect for your Christmas Party!!!
Height WidthLED/CableWattsPrice
6' H3'  W760 Color Changing LED Lights / 50' Cable10$549.00
6' H3' W760 Color Changing LED Lights / 100' Cable10$595.00

Pumps for Pet Fountains

Pet Fountain Replacement pumps for Skyish Low Voltage Pumps

Low Voltage Pumps

12 Volt Pumps

Our low voltage fountain pumps can be used indoors or outdoors in your pet's fountain dish.
Our low voltage (12 volt ) pump can be used in table top fountains as well.

FP55LV  (12volts / 2 watts)
 Low Voltage Submersible Fountain Pump
 with Mini Integral Transformer

WA-55LV 12 volt fountain pump
  • Reliable and quiet submersible water pump.
  • Easy water flow adjustment.
  • Suitable for fountains, ponds, aquariums.
  • GPH - 55
    Max Head - 19.5"
    Volts - 12VAC
    Watts - 2
    Amps - .2
    Size - 1-7/8" x 1-3/4" x 1-1/4"
    Cord - 6' / Outlet - 5/16" ID Tube Size
    Only 15.95

Pond Foggers for Halloween!!

Fountain and Pond Foggers for Halloween!!

Add an eerie touch to your Halloween scene with the "Mister Foggers." Choose from the original mister/fogger, mister/fogger with LED lights, the mister/fogger and halogen light combo, or the larger 3-head and 5-head foggers. Simply place in fountain, plug it in, and instantly the free flowing fog creates an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Adding a few drops of essence oil produces a beautiful aroma to immediate surroundings, enhancing the mood. Ultrasonic technology eliminated the need for any chemicals. Dry-ice effect without the dry ice. Completely safe. One year limited guarantee. Our Pond Foggers or mist makers are like no other. Emitting a magical, dry ice-like fog in seconds, our "Super Power" pond foggers come with and without LED lights. We also offer the all New "Mini Pond Foggers." These pond foggers will dazzle everyone that sees them in action! Using ultra-sonic sound waves - no chemicals - FISH SAFE - With multiple openings, it delivers three or five times more fog than our single head foggers. All pond foggers INCLUDE an outdoor transformer. Completely safe. One year limited guarantee. Long lasting, low wattage mister/foggers for fountains and ponds.

New Heavy Duty Grinder Pump

New Re-Designed Grinder Pump

Submersible grinder pump is able to pump soft organic solids in suspension, by shredding to slurry. This Grinder pump is ideal for: Grey water pumping; Sump emptying; Septic effluent & sewage disposal.

Key Features:
  • 1.5 HP
  • Class 30 cast iron construction
  • 2” Side discharge
  • Dual mechanical, 300 series Stainless Steel Parts
  • Oil-filled motor with automatic reset overload provides safe operation
  • Ball bearing construction for
DISCHARGE .................
2” NPT, Vertical
LIQUID TEMPERATURE 120ºF(40ºC) Continuous
140ºF(40ºC) Intermittent
VOLUTE ....................... Cast Iron ASTM A-48,Class 30
MOTOR HOUSING ....... Cast Iron ASTM A-48,Class 30
SEAL PLATE .................. Cast Iron ASTM A-48,Class 30
IMPELLER .................... Cast Iron ASTM A-48,Class 30,12 Vane,
Vortex with Pump-out Vanes,
Dynamically Balanced, ISO G6.3
SHAFT ......................... 420 Stainless Steel
O RING ........................ Buna-N
SEAL: Design ............ Single Mechanical in Oil-Filled
Material ......... Rotating Face - Silicon Carbide
Stationary Face - Silicon Carbide
Elastomer - Buna -N
Hardware - 300 Series Stainless
CABLE ENTRY .............. 30 Ft (9.1m) Cord .
Compression Grommet-Outer Jacket Seal
Epoxy Potted – Inner Conductor Seal
Butt Connector – Inner Wire Strand
Wicking Blockage
UPPER BEARING ........ Single Row, Ball, Oil lubricated
LOWER BEARING ....... Single Row, Ball, Oil Lubricated
MOTOR ..................... Single Phase, 1.5 HP, 3450 RPM, 60 Hz
Dual voltage, 200 / 230 volts
Includes Overload Protection in the Motor
Oil Filled,Class F
Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run