Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pond Vac

This pond vac is a niffty device. It really works, and for the price it is a great deal.

It is a simple system which uses the water pressure from a
standard garden hose to create a suction and vacuum the muck.

The muck and waste is vacuumed up the telescopic pole and discharged to waste right out the end of the discharge hose, which we provide. You can allow it to go into a bucket, or right onto the lawn, garden or a deck drain.

No water goes into the pond. The water is used purely for
creating the suction. However, some water will be displaced from the pond, along with the muck and waste. It will definitely lower the water level.

The higher the water pressure the better the system will
operate as far as sucking up small pebbles and leaves.

The Muck Vac eliminates muck and fish waste without causing turbidity in pond water or displacing fish or plants. Complete system includes: Muck Vac power head, vac head and brush, vacuum hose and adapter. Easy to use and assemble. No moving parts. Requires minimum of 50 psi garden hose water pressure.

The telescoping 6' handle carries the waste water and debris out thru the 10' discharge hose to a bucket or garden area. No water is added to the pond via the Muck Vac.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pond and Waterfall Pumps

We would like to indroduce the Alpine Cyclone pumps. What an amazing pump! It is economical to operate and very versital. Can be used in or out of water, horizontal or vertical and most important it can handle small particles. Most ponds have some debri, from algae, dirt or particles that fall into the pond. We offer these awesome pond pumps at a great price and it has a 3 year warranty!

  • Energy saving split tube motor with 33ft cord
  • Vortex impeller
  • Pump can be used vertical or horizontal
  • Can pump dust particles of size .24" through
  • Operates in and out of water!!!!
  • Simple maintanence with removable rotor assembly
  • Water-resistant ceramic bearing for continuous and trouble free use
  • Oil Free Magnetic-driven, epoxy protected ceramic shaft for longer life
  • Cost- saving energy efficient operation