Friday, April 13, 2012

Selecting a Grinder Pump

When selecting a grinder pump, figuring the lift or elevation, and the horizontal run is necessary for adequate flow. However, there are a couple of other things to consider when choosing a grinder pump.

Will your grinder pump be pumping to the main septic tank on your property or will it be pumping the sewage to the city main. The city main is pressurized and requires a pump the has a higher PSI. Check with your city or county to find out the PSI requirements needed for your pump. If you choose a pump that does not have enough PSI for the pressurized city main, the pump will not have enough power to push the sewage up to the main.

The next thing to consider is the electrical requirements. What is the voltage of your electrical connection? Regular household electricity is (110 - 115) volts. But you might have a different voltage outside. Check to see if it is (200 - 208) volts or (220 - 230) volts.

By following these guidelines you will prevent costly mistakes.

Pro tips for Fish Stocking

Ponds cannot support an unlimited number of fish. Balance the population according to pond gallons, surface area and filtration capacity. A general rule of thumb is one 18" - 20" koi for every square meter of surface area (approx.) ten square feet) in a well-filtered pond.

New Pond Startup

New pond owners need to culture the pond with beneficial bacteria and circu;ate the water for 7 days to develop the ecosystem - prior to adding fish. Start with no more than 6 - 10 small to medium fish per 1000 gallons. Wait 4 weeks and test water before adding additional fish.

Pond and Lake Dye

Thinking about adding Pond Dye to your pond or lake. If you don't know much about it, here is some information that might be helpful.

  • Makes ponds, lakes and lagoons a beautiful blue color.
  • Will not stain birds or fish.
  • Completely safe for humans and wildlife.
Some bodies of water are naturally dirty looking due to reasons beyond a lake manager's control.  Lake dye turns a muddy looking pond into a sparkling deep blue water feature within moments.
  • Turns a murky pond into a deep blue, sparkling asset.
  • Is easy to apply and you see results in minutes.