Friday, June 29, 2012

Ultra Violet Clarifier

What is green water?

The presence of a large population of uni-cellular algae causes green water. This algae is the pondkeeper's nightmare. "Pea soup" conditions caused by algae are unattractive and threaten fish health by using up oxygen. Green water occurs in most ponds and can be very difficult to eliminate.

When green water is pumped through the UV Clarifier, the algae are exposed to ultra-violet light. As they pass around the UV lamp, these particles are flocculated (clumped together). Water circulation carries them to the filter, which removes them, leaving behind only CLEAN WATER.

Fountain Pump Tubing

Proper tubing size for fountain pumps:

Hose Size:                          Max Flow:
1/2"                                      300
3/4"                                      600
1"                                        1000
1-1/4"                                  1800
1-1/2"                                  2500
2"                                        4000
3"                                        9000
4"                                        12,000

It is recommended to use the proper hose size for the pump to perform at its best.

Reliable Solar Pumps

Most solar pumps that are available to the public are low quality pumps from China. We now offer the ultimate solar pump package, a great quality pump made in the USA. These solar pumps come with voltage regulators and conditioners that hold a battery back up in case of cloudy days  and work with the solar panel. This system will ensure that your pump is working continuously during the day.