Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pond Foggers for Halloween!!

Fountain and Pond Foggers for Halloween!!

Add an eerie touch to your Halloween scene with the "Mister Foggers." Choose from the original mister/fogger, mister/fogger with LED lights, the mister/fogger and halogen light combo, or the larger 3-head and 5-head foggers. Simply place in fountain, plug it in, and instantly the free flowing fog creates an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Adding a few drops of essence oil produces a beautiful aroma to immediate surroundings, enhancing the mood. Ultrasonic technology eliminated the need for any chemicals. Dry-ice effect without the dry ice. Completely safe. One year limited guarantee. Our Pond Foggers or mist makers are like no other. Emitting a magical, dry ice-like fog in seconds, our "Super Power" pond foggers come with and without LED lights. We also offer the all New "Mini Pond Foggers." These pond foggers will dazzle everyone that sees them in action! Using ultra-sonic sound waves - no chemicals - FISH SAFE - With multiple openings, it delivers three or five times more fog than our single head foggers. All pond foggers INCLUDE an outdoor transformer. Completely safe. One year limited guarantee. Long lasting, low wattage mister/foggers for fountains and ponds.

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