Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to make a Wedding Fountain Centerpeice

How to make a Wedding Fountain:

A beautiful fountain centerpiece is a great focal point for your buffet table. It is easy to build and relatively inexpensive.  Here are some design ideas:

1.      You will start with the base that holds the water for your fountain. It can be anything that will coordinate with your wedding d├ęcor. A silver or gold bowl that you can find at a craft store. Keep in mind that bigger is better because you want as much height as possible for the most impact. The pump will sit at the bottom of the bowl and it will push the water up thru the fountain display.
2.      Next you will need to decide what you want to put on top of your fountain bowl, where the water is going to come out, and cascade down, back into the fountain bowl. For example, you can use 3 plastic or acrylic champagne glasses, as long as they have a hollow stem. The tube that connects to the fountain pump will also connect to the bottom of the stems and the pump will push the water into the stems, full up the champagne glasses and the water will spill over the glasses and cascade back into the fountain bowl.
3.      You will also need a round acrylic base that will sit about 1 inch below the top of the fountain bowl to mount your champagne glasses on. You will need to drip a hole thru the acrylic base so that the tube can go thru it.
4.      Next you will need a pump. It is best to use a battery operated pump if you do not have an outlet in a convenient and safe place to accommodate the fountain.
5.      Now you are ready to put on the finishing touches. You can use real or artificial flowers at the base of the glasses, on top of the acrylic base.

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