Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pond Fountains in the winter

Now that winter weather is fast approaching, it is time to prepare your pond fountain for freezing temperatures. If you live in a cold climate that freezes your pond during the winter, you have two options with your pond fountain. You can remove it for the winter months. After you pull it from the pond, make sure it is dried out and then store it in a gargage or storage shed. If you choose to keep the fountain in the pond during the winter, please refer to the manufacturers instructions on how to operate the fountain during freezing temeratures. Generally, you must keep the pond fountain running 24/7. this keeps the water from freezing in the fountain, and helps to keep the area around the pond fountain unfrozen. Some fountain manufacturers require a de-icer nozzle to be connected to the fountain for proper de-icing. Keeping an area open around the pond fountain is ideal if you have water fowl. For more pond fountain tips please visit our site at


  1. Yes sometimes deicer nozzle is required to protect freezing of water. On the other hand you may keep running Musical Fountains of your pond for 24 hours.

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